Webinar: Building Dialogue in a Healthcare Setting

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NHS Trusts and private healthcare providers have long been aware of the benefits that mediation can provide in the workplace. Whether it be for disputes between colleagues, to resolve complaints, or to decide on the best course of treatment for patients, mediation can help to remove obstacles and re-open channels for productive dialogue. UK Mediation CEO, Dr Mike Talbot, presents …

Webinar: Mediation for Local Authorities

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Local authorities have to deal with several different types of conflict, including workplace, neighbourhood and complaints disputes. Find out how mediation can resolve all of these conflicts in this webinar.

Webinar: Neighbourhood Mediation

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Our next webinar looks at how mediation can be used to resolve neighbourhood disputes such as ASB and boundary issues – watch a short trailer for the presentation here.

Webinar: Medical Mediation

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In this free webinar, we draw on our extensive experience in working with NHS Trusts to resolve medical disputes, whether it be through our mediation services or our training courses.

Webinar: Team Facilitation

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It’s rare to find a team that works well together all of the time. Find out more about how facilitation can help to get teams back on track.

Webinar: Commercial Mediation

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Commercial mediation is a quick, cost effective, and private method of resolving disputes over goods and services. Find out more in this webinar.

How Mediation Works – Webinar

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‘How Mediation Works’ really lifts the lid on mediation. Based on the pioneering work of our founder and CEO, Dr. Mike Talbot, we’ll be looking at the anatomy and psychology of conflict: how we get into disputes, how we get stuck there, and what we need from an impartial third party in order to resolve a range of conflicts. Dr Talbot …