Mediation Services

Need our help to resolve conflict?

We've got the answer to unresolved conflict.

Mediation works well as a means of nipping conflict in the bud. Our highly-experienced mediators can get people talking and finding a resolution to their conflict. And, even if they have had to endure a grievance, investigation, or court process, mediation also gives people an opportunity to get their relationship back on track.

We have 23 years' experience of applying our unique approach to the widest range of disputes: with individuals and teams, around complaints as well as disputes, and with all manner of interpersonal and commercial matters. We also offer an unrivalled online mediation service for greater flexibility to meet our clients’ needs.

If you're an individual or organisation looking for mediation services outside of the UK, please get in touch with our sister organisation, EU Mediation.

What are you looking for?

Workplace Mediation

Our workplace mediation service can be used for disputes involving up to three parties, as well as entire groups and teams. Issues could include personality clashes, miscommunications, grievance-type issues, and low-level cases of bullying and harassment.

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Neighbourhood Mediation

Our neighbourhood mediation service can help neighbours to get back on good terms. Issues that mediation can resolve include boundary disputes, anti-social behaviour, fall outs over parking and upkeep of communal areas, and general interpersonal conflicts.

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Tenancy Mediation

Our tenancy mediation service can help to resolve interpersonal disputes between tenants and landlords. Potential reasons for conflict could include rent arrears, maintenance issues, upkeep of communal areas, and disagreements over responsibilities.

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Family Mediation

Our family mediation service can help families who want to stay together, but is not suitable for those who are in the process of divorcing. Mediation can be used to resolve communication breakdowns between family members, personality clashes, and conflict arising from critical incidents.

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Medical Mediation

Our medical mediation service helps to build better dialogue between medical professionals and patients and/or patients' families. It can address disputes around receiving bad news, critical care choices, care not meeting expectations, and ethical issues around religious or cultural beliefs.

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Complaints Mediation

Our complaints mediation service can help resolve complaints without the need for going to court. The service can address faulty or mis-sold goods, services not meeting expectations, unsatisfactory treatment of a customer, or breakdowns in communication.

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Commercial Mediation

Our commercial mediation can keep the process of resolving financial or contractual disputes simple. It can be used to address business disputes, contractual issues, certain cases of debt, personal injury claims, copyright and IP disputes, and small claims.

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Conflict Coaching

One-to-one Conflict Coaching sessions allow individuals to develop an understanding of conflict, to enhance the effectiveness of their interactions with others, and to prepare them for future conflicts that could arise.

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Team Facilitation

Our team facilitation sessions will get your team or work group back up to their usual high-performing standards: communicating more openly, collaborating more fully, and all pulling in the same direction.

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