Commercial Mediation

Avoiding the expense, delay, and distraction of litigation

Commercial disputes are usually about money, property, goods, and services: financial and contractual matters.

Commercial mediation is a quick, cost-effective, and private method of resolving your dispute: saving you from the stresses and costs of court, focussing on what everyone actually wants, and resolving your dispute amicably and consensually. More and more people are now trying commercial mediation before entering into a lengthy and expensive legal battle. What’s more, it is increasingly being encouraged by the courts and by the employment tribunal, and has a high rate of success.

If you are involved in a commercial dispute and need to discuss whether your situation might be suitable for mediation, just get in touch and we will happy to talk it through with you: in confidence and completely without obligation.

How does it work?

Referring a case

A completed referral form, providing us with details of the dispute and of the parties, and a signed booking form all are that is needed to book in the case.

Prior to the mediation

The case manager will liaise with the referrer to organise the logistics, including timings, contact information, and online links (if required).

Joint meeting

Parties are invited to present their case in a short joint session, while also having the opportunity to ask any questions that they may have.

Shuttle mediation

The mediator will then spend the rest of the day shuttling between the parties, passing across offers, options, messages, and requests.

The agreement

The agreement is a joint plan of action decided upon by the participants. The mediator can write it up as a good faith agreement to give to both parties.

Feeding back

If there is a third-party referrer, UK Mediation will provide them with a Mediation Summary on the next working day (subject to parties’ consent).


The case manager will follow up the situation after an agreed period by contacting the parties confidentially to see if the agreement is working.

What our clients say

"Couldn't recommend UK Mediation highly enough. The mediator and the person managing our case were excellent - flexible, helpful, and informative."
Recent participant in a commercial case
"I was very nervous about the process but the mediator very quickly put me at ease. Thanks so much!"
Recent participant in a commercial case

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