Conflict is normal, inevitable, and sometimes hard to deal with. We know exactly how to resolve it through mediation.

Disputes happen. Mostly, we can sort things out by talking, listening, compromising and collaborating. When we get stuck in our disputes, though, that is when conflict can get stressful, costly, and distracting.

This is where UK Mediation comes in. We are the leading provider of mediation training, either training you to be an accredited mediator yourself, or getting mediation working for you within your organisation. We also provide external mediation services, helping to resolve conflict quickly, privately and without the need for formal action.

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Mike Talbot, is a renowned mediator, trainer, psychotherapist, author, and consultant. Along with a great team at UK Mediation, Mike has developed a market-leading range of training courses and conflict resolution services, which we are proud to present here.

We have extensive experience with different mediation scenarios, from neighbourhood, commercial, and workplace mediation. Let us show you how to take away the stress, expense, and distraction of having to deal with unresolved conflict.

“Very good - I can't wait to get started! I will use the skills throughout the rest of my role at work.”Jane Thrale, Manager
John Lewis
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“Advancing mediation practice by going deeper.”

When I started UK Mediation back in 1999 the last thing I wanted to do was to replicate what everyone else was doing. Having been a psychotherapist for quite a while, I thought, ‘Well, why not take what I already know about the underlying causes of conflict, and start resolving it from the inside out?’ So now I’ve got arguably the biggest and most successful mediation company around, and the idea seems to have worked!

The thing is that we struggle to negotiate our way through conflict because we’re so angry, afraid, hurt, or impatient that we find it hard not to let emotion get in the way of reason. Communication breaks down, and we get so wrapped up in an interpersonal struggle that we can scarcely remember how the argument got started in the first place. By understanding these conflict processes far better, we can start to resolve all sorts of disputes much more effectively.

Dr Mike Talbot, MA, MSc, D.Psych.
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Launching a Mediation Service

Friday 15th November, 12pm

Our free monthly webinars are the easiest way to see what we have to offer. Each month, we take a different subject from the world of mediation and present a 40 minute talk, followed by your chance to ask questions.

We are often asked for help, support and advice on how organisations should go about setting up their own internal mediation panel. These are often organisation we have trained with our Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate course, so they know they have appropriately-qualified mediators, but need help with rolling out the service to their employees and other stakeholders.

Presented by our CEO & Founder, Dr Mike Talbot, the webinar will guide you through the whole process and Mike will share his experience gained from our 20 years of working with organisations of all shapes and sizes.

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The Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate
11th - 15th November 2019
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The Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate
2nd - 6th December 2019
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