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Expanding from our work with UK Mediation, our EU branch has been set up to provide high-quality training and services across Europe and beyond.

For much of our 25 years in operation as UK Mediation, we have been delivering a proportion of our work in mainland Europe and further afield. Thanks to COVID-19, that proportion dramatically increased, with a much greater take-up of online training and mediation from outside the UK.

On top of this, Brexit posed some challenges in relation to the numerous EU-funded institutions and organisations that we worked with. All of a sudden, they required that we maintain an EU base in order to continue our work with them.

Putting that all together, EU Mediation came into operation in November 2022.

Based in the Republic of Ireland, we now have a foothold in the EU and will be in a position to offer to any European country:

“Advancing mediation practice by going deeper.”

Dr Mike Talbot

MA, MSc, D.Psych.

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What our clients say

"The content was excellent and the one-to-one interface with the trainer was great. The best parts were the numerous roleplay scenarios that gave me valuable hands-on experience."
Roseann Mucheru United Nations
"A very informative and useful course that can be applied to everyday life. I learnt a lot about what mediation is and how the process functions, and it was useful to have a go at being a mediator in practice."
Chungki Tseng International Atomic Energy Agency
"The training was very well prepared and tailored for our needs. The trainer was excellent in leading the group through the course."
Joanna Glab European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
"The trainer was very experienced and had a great knowledge of mediation. Their input in the sessions was very helpful and of great value."
Patricia Maes Innovative Health Institute
"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have a learnt a huge amount about conflict resolution. I now feel confident with the stages of mediation."
Sharlene Lima Citizens Advice Bureau Gibraltar
"This experience has been very beneficial to me and to the organisation. I feel that the role plays were especially useful in demonstrating the different characters that a mediator is likely to come across."
Madonna Henry St Helena Government