Webinar: Online Mediation in Action

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With the current pandemic making face-to-face mediation impossible, several people have asked us about mediating online. And, as you may have seen, this is something that we continue to offer during these times with our re:connect service.

And following on from both our Family Mediation and Workplace Mediation showcases, we are now pleased to announce our new webinar, Online Mediation in Action.

The presentation will look at a simulated dispute between two work colleagues who both work in a telesales department and who have clashing personalities and working styles.

Our CEO, Dr Mike Talbot, will be carrying out the mediation over Zoom, showing you how the skills of the mediator can be transferred to a virtual platform with great success.

Mike will be pointing out key differences in the process, as well as what parts of the process remain the same. He will also be highlighting certain parts that you will need to be aware of when mediating effectively online.

And, as always, the presentation will conclude with a Q+A session, giving you an opportunity to ask any mediation-related questions.