Webinar: Neighbourhood Mediation

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Neighbourhood disputes are common and can cause a great deal of upset between people. Most of the time, things can be sorted out with a chat but, when communication breaks down, bad blood can set in and what began as a difference of opinion can quickly become a problem for everyone involved.

This free webinar, aimed at housing professionals, ASB officers, and tenancy workers, will focus on all types of neighbourhood issues, including neighbour disputes, non-payment of bills or rent, “problem tenants”, and low-level ASB cases.

Dr Mike Talbot, who leads the webinar, has extensive experience in the housing sector, having worked with numerous housing associations and local authorities over the last twenty years.

One such housing association is Derwent Living, who we’ve worked with for nearly ten years and who will feature in today’s webinar. We will see how mediation training has benefited their organisation, the services they now offer for their residents and, most importantly, how this has improved customer engagement.

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