Webinar: Mediation & New Technology

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With social media and the internet playing such a huge role in our lives nowadays, it’s no surprise that it can also have a massive effect on our own interpersonal relationships.

Over the past twenty years, we’ve worked with conflicts in workplaces, neighbourhoods, committees, charities, and in commercial settings, and have seen firsthand how much of it has been directly caused or exacerbated by social media.

On the other hand, we can also have ways of resolving conflict or bringing about mediation through the use of technology. This could be through online mediation, through mobile apps, Skype, or webchats, or even involving Artificial Intelligence!

Presented by our CEO & Founder, Dr Mike Talbot, this 45-minute webinar examines the impact of new technology on interpersonal disputes and the practice of mediation.

Among other things, we’ll be considering:

  • Is ‘online mediation’ really possible?
  • What new technology can be beneficial to the mediation process?
  • How social media can exacerbate an interpersonal dispute
  • What organisations can do to prevent technology causing conflict

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