Webinar: Building Dialogue in Diverse Organisations

James Watson Webinars

Workplace disputes are common in organisations of all sizes, shapes, and sectors. But they can often be exacerbated when the workforce has multiple ethnic or cultural backgrounds.

Whether it be a difference in beliefs, first languages, or cultural opinions, these factors can all make the conflict worse, or block attempts at an early and informal resolution. This can lead to costly and time-consuming grievances, all of which put a drain on the organisation’s resources.

And, even when such disputes are attempted to be resolved locally, the third-party arbitrator may also be drawn into it and bring in their own views or beliefs.

Because of these reasons, mediation can be especially effective at resolving such issues as the mediator’s views don’t come into play at all. By remaining impartial at all times, the mediator can facilitate the discussion in a safe environment, untainted by influences outside of the disputing parties.

Join our CEO and founder, Dr Mike Talbot, as he explores how mediation can be used to resolve conflict in diverse organisations in this 45-minute webinar.

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