Training in Complaints Mediation

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Do you wish you could broaden the toolkit you have for dealing with complaints?

Would you like to find a way to speed up your complaints process, and to get a better outcome for both you and the complainant?

If ‘yes’, then you may find that mediation could be exactly what you are looking for.

Mediation is straightforward. It is a way to help people with differing views to have an open and honest dialogue. An impartial professional uses skills and techniques to help people to express their concerns and perceptions about what may have gone wrong and, more importantly, gets them to outline what they need to happen to put things right. Both sides get a better chance to hear one another and to be heard, and the focus shifts away from issues of blame and fault, towards a shared effort to put things right and move on.

Training in complaints mediation

UK Mediation leads the way in training people to make use of mediation. In the area of complaints handling, we offer a one-day mediation awareness programme, a two-day mediation skills course, and a five-day mediator qualification programme.

In a one-day mediation awareness course, you will learn:

  • What mediation is, and how it differs from other ways of resolving complaints
  • The step-by-step mediation model
  • How to apply mediation to complaints handling
  • The importance of staying impartial
  • Managing disclosure and confidentiality

In a two-day mediation skills course, you can expect to cover all of the above, plus:

  • Selection criteria: when to use mediation (and, just as importantly, when not to!)
  • Building mediation into your existing processes
  • Overcoming resistance to this approach
  • Developing your skills, working with some sample complaints scenarios
  • Opportunities and pitfalls in using complaints mediation
  • Concluding mediation sessions

In a five-day qualification course, you will also get:

  • Extended practice opportunities, developing your mediation skills with simulated cases
  • More in-depth coverage of all elements of the staged mediation model
  • On-course assessment leading to the accredited qualification

The qualification course is nationally accredited and regulated by Ofqual, and leads to a recognised Level Four qualification as a mediator.

If you are working with complaints that you think could be better dealt with through mediation, please contact us for an informal discussion about how mediation might help.

And, to find out more about the use of mediation in complaints resolution, you can view our webinar just gone, ‘Mediating Customer Complaints‘, on demand.