Workplace Mediation: Have You Got What It Takes?

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Are you a peacemaker?

Are you the one that colleagues turn to when there is a fall-out at work?

You know: someone got upset when the ‘banter’ went too far, two colleagues somehow developed a massive misunderstanding, or ‘that’ Instagram post that went just a little bit too far? And you’re the one they come and find to try and sort things out?

Or perhaps you wish you were that person? You want to develop some skills for addressing conflict better, you need to be able to deal with the myriad of bust-ups that seem to come from nowhere, or maybe you just want to feel more confident in walking towards, rather than running away from, all of the disputes that form a part of our everyday working life.

Being a workplace mediator means having the skills and confidence to be able to resolve a wide range of disputes and conflict situations, and in recent years more and more people are coming to us to gain mediator accreditation so that they can do just that.

What’s it all about? Well, mediation is now an integral part of a lot of workplace’s dispute resolution process, and provides an essential early stage in an increasing number of organisation’s HR policies.

Workplace mediation is all about:
Staying impartial, rather than taking sides in a dispute
Looking to the future prospect of an improved relationship, rather than dwelling on the past
Getting people to come up with their own solutions to conflict, rather than telling them what to do
Working sensitively and confidentially, so that people can speak openly, in the knowledge that the mediation is private and discrete

And being an accredited mediator means that you will have the skills and confidence to be able to address all kinds of conflict beyond just a structured mediation process, including complaints resolution, difficult conversations, chairing heated meetings, and getting teams working better together.

We will be running a free webinar on Friday 20th April at 12.00, when we will be going into a little more detail about how you can become a workplace mediator, why you might want to (!), and how mediation can be put to work within a range of organisations.

Join us then, and see what it takes to really become a peacemaker.

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