My Mediation Journey – March 2018

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“So it’s a bit like Jeremy Kyle then?”

That was the reaction from my friends after explaining what my new place of work, UK Mediation, actually does. Sales and Marketing Administrator is a lot easier to explain – I write stuff and tweet things occasionally. Mediation, on the other hand, is not so simple.

And, whilst I was certain that it wasn’t quite as straight-forward or brutish as riling people up for a good old argument, I was painfully aware that I had precisely zero knowledge, let alone experience, of mediation in general.

As a result, as part of my induction of working here, we decided that I should go on a 5-day training course – The Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate (IMPC for short).

It’s our flagship product, externally accredited as a Level 4 qualification by OFQUAL, equivalent in complexity to the first year of an undergraduate degree. There are usually 10 to 12 held every year in large cities such as Birmingham and Nottingham, although the majority are held in London. Complete the course at one of these locations and you are officially an accredited mediator, ready to be let loose into the world to solve and prevent conflicts wherever they may crop up.

The idea behind my own personal enrolment is that it will give me the knowledge and understanding I need to be able to write authoritatively about mediation, not to mention the fact that it’s a lot easier to explain and sell a product when you’re familiar with it! It would also better equip me to answer a potential client’s questions about the course, being able to draw on my own experiences having done one myself.

Without any further ado, I was signed up to the next IMPC course at Fenchurch Place in London, starting next Monday (11th-16th March). Here, I will be taking in the complete, fully impartial IMPC experience – so no extra teas and biscuits just for being an employee!

For, you see, this is far from a week-long holiday down to London. From the event, I will be providing as much insight as possible into what we do and what goes on during the 5-day course. I will be tweeting and taking photos from the event regularly, as well as writing a report upon the conclusion of it.

If you were waiting to pull the trigger on one of our courses, see it as a possibility in the near future or are just interested in mediation in general, it may be of some use to keep an eye on our social media channels next week.

I hope to see you there!

You can follow my progress on Twitter at @UKMediation.
Find out more about our IMPC courses.