Preventing Homelessness With Mediation – webinar

James Watson Webinars

Mediation provides a perfect solution for family conflict and avoiding the devastating effects of a young person becoming homeless. In this webinar, Mike Talbot will be exploring the link between conflict and homelessness, how and why mediation is provided in this area, and how to maximise the opportunities that mediation can offer.

The physical and mental well-being of any young person is crucially dependent on their having a stable, safe, and ideally loving, home environment. Fortunately for many young people, this is exactly what they have.

The family setting, however, can sometimes be far from ideal for either the young person and/or their parents or carers. Conflict can develop within the family, and this can lead to the young person either choosing, or being asked, to leave the family home. Unless they have a suitable alternative arrangement, in many situations this can result in the young person becoming homeless.

As a primer to the webinar, you may wish to read Mike’s blog on the topic.

You can also download Mike’s presentation slides.