Mediation Uncovered – Part 2

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When disputes arise, the situation can soon get out of control. In Part 2 of ‘Mediation uncovered’, we’ll explain the different types of mediation services available to you.


What type of mediation do I need?

There are in essence three different types of mediation, they are Interpersonal Mediation, Commercial Mediation and Family Separation Mediation.

They all tackle different types of disputes and work slightly differently and whilst a mediator can be trained in all three types of mediation you want to ensure you get a mediator with the correct training for your dispute i.e. if you have a commercial dispute you don’t want a mediator who is only trained in mediation.

What is Interpersonal Mediation and when should I use it?
Interpersonal mediation is used whenever there is a dispute involving people; what they have done, what they have said, how they have acted.
Interpersonal mediation is used in a variety of areas, whilst the settings change the focus of the disputes is the same.

Interpersonal mediation is used for workplace, neighbourhood, tenancy, community and family relationship. So it doesn’t matter if you have problems with your landlord, are in a dispute with your manager at work, or don’t see eye to eye with your step family, interpersonal mediation is here to help.

Interpersonal mediation works by resolving the sticking points in your relationship, so it doesn’t just resolve the current dispute but also helps you to avoid future disputes.

Use Interpersonal mediation whenever your dispute is something because of what they have said, done or how they have acted.

What is Commercial Mediation and when should I use it?

Commercial mediation is used whenever there is a dispute regarding something owned or owed.

Your dispute could be about money, property, goods, services, boundaries or intellectual property. It doesn’t matter if your dispute is about money you are owed for a job you have done, you have paid for a service you didn’t receive, or about a shared dispute commercial mediation can help.

Commercial mediation can be used between private individuals, companies of any shape and size as well as public organisations.

A key benefit of commercial mediation as opposed to litigation is that you will be able to maintain your relationship with the other party after the dispute has been settled – essential for many organisations and something that doesn’t happen when you take the other party to court.

What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is a strange one, different people use it to mean different things so you need to be sure what you are getting when someone tells you that they are a family mediator.

The first type of ‘Family Mediation’ is what we call ‘Family Relationship Mediation’. This is the type of mediation used for families who are looking to stay together but are having a tough time and need someone to come along and open up channels of communication and mend or fix relationships.

So if you are in dispute about arranging care for a family member, aren’t seeing eye to eye with your step family or there is conflict between your siblings or their spouses then family relationship mediation is what you need.

If you train in Interpersonal Mediation with us then you are certified to practice family relationship mediation.

The second type of ‘Family Mediation’ is what we call ‘Family Separation Mediation’. This is the type of mediation used for partners who are looking to separate and need to divide their possessions and arrange child access.

These types of mediators will usually have some additionally legal knowledge and can be found in legal firms, charities and some governmental organisations.

So there you have it – the three main types of mediation, you should now be able to get the right mediator to help you resolve your dispute.