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Mediation Skills for Facilitated Conversations

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Learn how to facilitate resolution meetings.

This highly practical two-day online course builds your confidence and competence in using some key mediation skills to facilitate conversations between people who are in dispute.

Based around real case scenarios, the course provides everything you need to be able to set up, run, and conclude informal resolution meetings: face-to-face or online.

  • Learn how to facilitate conversations

  • Gain key mediation skills and tools

  • Build mediation skills into your professional role

Why train with us?

Experienced in virtual delivery

We’ve honed our online courses over many years to make sure that they remain interactive experiences, and to ensure that we remain the leading providers of online mediation training.

Trained by real mediators

All of our trainers are practising mediators with many years of experience. They are also certified adult educators, meaning you’re in capable hands during your training!

ISO:9001 quality standard

ISO-9001 is the internationally-recognised standard for quality management. You can be sure that all of our training will be carried out in an efficient and quality-focused manner.

Lifetime post-course support

At any point following your training, you can get in touch with us to discuss queries and ask for advice. We can also provide you with any forms or documents that you might need.

About UK Mediation

About the course

This two-day course covers everything you need to be able to facilitate productive conversations, including:

Our trainers have a wealth of practical experience in mediating and facilitating conversations and are able to adapt the course content to the make-up of the particular learning group.

The aim of the two-day course is to get you to the point of being confident and competent to facilitate resolution conversations between people in dispute.

At the conclusion of the two days, you should be able to:

All of our online courses are live, interactive events, run by a practising mediator who is an expert in the field.

This course includes a combination of:

The learning group is created as a Zoom meeting, in which we can use custom-made video material, carry out discussions, run small group exercises, and have some practice sessions.

What our learners say

"The trainer was clearly a very experienced mediator which gave them a high level of credibility. The course was done remotely using Zoom which I think works very well. A great course that ticked all of my objectives."
Hamish McLure The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
"A great course that I really enjoyed. I have learnt lots of new techniques which I could apply in the conversations I have in my role."
Rachel Minett Cambridgeshire County Council
"I'm really glad I took part in practising facilitating like that and I really think it made a difference. Overall it was fantastic - I learned so much, and the trainer was an excellent teacher!”"
Helen Gould Rusty Quill

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  • Early-Bird Paid for 90 days in advance of the course.
  • Charity or NHS Funded by a UK charity or NHS Trust.
  • Group Booking 3+ learners from the same organisation.
Discounts will be applied at the next step.
Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with the ELCAS scheme.

What's included

  • 2 days of online training, 9:30-4:30
  • PDF training guide
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Free post-course support

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Have some questions about the course?

We understand that you may have some queries about the course’s content, the resulting qualification, or about how the training is delivered. We’ve gathered together some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and have answered them below.

How can a course in interpersonal skills be delivered online?
At UK Mediation, we have looked long and hard at what we can deliver online and what needs to be taught face-to-face. While some of our accredited mediator programmes have to be delivered in person, we believe this course can achieve its aims and objectives with a carefully delivered online approach.

Plus, we know what we’re doing – we lead the way in virtual training delivery! We are an externally-accredited training provider and the only holders of the ISO 9001 quality standard in the mediation world. Our trainers have devised this course and refined it over the years to be a lively, interactive event, and feedback from previous learners include comments on it being ‘engaging’, ‘highly relevant’, and ‘a great confidence booster’.
Will I be a mediator if I attend this course?
No, we are careful to distinguish this course from our accredited mediator programmes.

What we say is that this course will you how to facilitate resolution meetings with people in dispute, but you won’t be a Mediator. To gain full accreditation, you need to attend one of our open-access Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate courses.

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