Neighbourhood mediation

Keeping you and your neighbours on good terms.

Your home is your castle. You don’t want anyone intruding into your personal space, disturbing your peace and relaxation, or preventing you from enjoying the time you spend at home or with your family.

Most of us have neighbours, and we can get on with them most of the time. And when there are any difficulties or disagreements, most of the time we can all sort things out with a chat over the fence. Sometimes, however, communication breaks down. There are disagreements or persistent complaints which, if left unaddressed, can turn into more significant problems.

Neighbourhood disputes are common, and can cause a great deal of upset and bad feeling between people. Mediation provides an opportunity for people to communicate better, to understand one another’s concerns, and to jointly come up with ideas for how to end their dispute.

Mediation is a quick, cost effective and private method of resolving your dispute, saving you from the stresses and costs of court of formal action. An expert mediator can get you and your neighbours talking again: clearing up misunderstandings, agreeing practical steps for how to make things better between you, and moving on from your disagreements.

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“We have found UK Mediation to be professional and the staff helpful and responsive.”Sue Packman, ASB Assistant
Nottingham Community Housing Association
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