Complaints Mediation

Keeping people talking and resolving matters informally.

It is fair to say that we all know what standard of service or quality of goods we would find satisfactory or acceptable. And if we do feel dissatisfied with a service or with a product that we have bought, most of us might well complain or at least make our feelings known.

Most complaints can be resolved at an early stage, with both sides simply talking things through and coming to an agreement somewhere in the middle. A refund or replacement could be given, maybe accompanied by an apology and
an explanation.

But when this isn’t enough and communication starts to break down, things can soon spiral downwards, and a dispute begins. This is when it can really help to call in an impartial third person who can help to facilitate a positive conversation, like one of our expert complaints mediators.

UK Mediation has over 20 years’ experience in helping organisations and individuals of all kinds in resolving disputes of this nature. This includes complaints over construction works, housing complaints, medical complaints, and many others.

We can provide a mediator at short notice, wherever you are, to get a better conversation going between the complainant and the person (or organisation) complained against. Formal action can be headed off, things can be kept private, and neither side is left feeling that they have ‘lost’.

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How does complaints mediation work?

We offer a range of services for the resolution of complaints.

We can provide you with our standard one-day mediation service, delivered 9:30-4:30, either online or face-to-face.

Or, alternatively, we can facilitate your case over the phone in a two-hour telephone mediation session.

Face-to-face or online mediation

  • Referring a case

    A completed referral form, providing us with details of the dispute and of the parties, and a signed booking form all are that is needed to book in the case.

  • Prior to the mediation

    The case manager will liaise with the referrer to organise the logistics, including timings, contact information, and online links (if required).

  • Individual meetings

    The mediator will meet with each party individually to discuss the dispute to date. These private sessions will last for approximately 1½ hours each.

  • The joint meeting

    Getting parties together in the same meeting allows for a comprehensive airing of views. The joint session usually lasts for half a day.

  • The mediation agreement

    The agreement is a joint plan of action decided upon by the participants. The mediator can write it up as a good faith agreement to give to both parties.

  • Feeding back

    If there is a third-party referrer, UK Mediation will provide them with a Mediation Summary on the next working day (subject to parties’ consent).

  • Follow-up and review

    The case manager will follow up the situation after an agreed period by contacting the parties confidentially to see if the agreement is working.

Telephone mediation

  • Referring a case

    We ask the parties to complete a Consent Form so that we can communicate between them to arrange the session.

  • Telephone mediation session

    The mediator will spend the arranged two-hour session shuttling between phone calls, passing across offers, options, messages, and requests.

  • The mediation agreement

    If the parties reach some points of agreement, the mediator can offer to write this up on the day and send it to them.

  • Follow-up and review

    The case manager will follow up the situation after an agreed period by contacting the parties confidentially to see if the agreement is working.

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