Workplace mediation

Resolving disputes at work quickly and informally

Disputes in the workplace are common. Most of the time things can be sorted out with a chat, but when they can’t, they can soon take a turn for the worse: communication breaks down, other people get drawn in, and what begins as a difference of opinion can quickly become a significant problem. You and the other person start avoiding each other. Every little incident between you becomes a major battle, and other colleagues can end up taking sides or getting drawn in.

Disputes can occur at all levels of the workplace: with colleagues, managers, within teams, and even between people several management levels apart. Line managers are often too close to the dispute to get involved and HR practitioners either have a conflict of interest, or may not be suitably trained or equipped to handle the dispute.

Workplace mediation is a quick, cost effective, and private method of resolving workplace disputes. Let one of our expert mediators get your working relationship back on track: giving you both a chance to clear the air, restoring trust, clearing up misunderstandings, and getting you both pulling in the same direction again.

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Nottingham City Council
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