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Conflict Resolution Skills

Learn how to resolve both your own and others' conflict more effectively.

Dealing with conflict puts a drain on your organisations’ resources. Formal processes are often time-consuming and ultimately unsatisfactory, while unresolved conflict can quickly worsen if left unaddressed.

Conflict Resolution Skills offers a practical grounding in the skills and knowledge required to resolve conflict. The course equips your delegates with an understanding and a set of skills to be able to better address both their own and others’ disagreements, and is suitable for human resources practitioners, team leaders, complaints managers, trade union representatives and front line workers.

At a glance...

  • 1-day course
  • Face-to-face or online
  • For 6 to 12 delegates
  • Pre-course consultation
  • Delivered by expert trainers
  • Fully-customised materials
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  • View and manage conflict more positively

  • Learn to support others who are in conflict

  • Address your own conflicts with early and informal resolution

Why train with us?

Tailored course materials

We carry out an in-depth pre-course consultation with you prior to delivery, and then tailor the materials and case scenarios to those specific requirements.

Trained by real mediators

All of our trainers are practising mediators with many years of experience. They are also certified adult educators, meaning you’re in capable hands during your training!

ISO:9001 quality standard

ISO-9001 is the internationally-recognised standard for quality management. You can be sure that all of our training will be carried out in an efficient and quality-focused manner.

Lifetime post-course support

At any point following your training, you can get in touch with us to discuss queries and ask for advice. We can also provide you with any forms or documents that you might need.

About UK Mediation

About the course

This interactive one-day course will cover:

At the conclusion of the training day, you should be able to:

Delivered either online or in-person at your location, all of our courses are live, interactive events, run by a practising mediator who is an expert in the field.

Conflict Resolution Skills includes a combination of:

What our learners say

"Most useful course I've been on in a long time! All useful and very relevant in terms of conflict resolution as a manager."
Linda Hay Her Majesty's Government Communications Centre
"Very relevant and very useful. I found the role plays helped to put things into context. We should have had this training much earlier on!"
Angela Grant Royal Pharmaceutical Society
"I found the whole course very useful and the knowledge I have gained can definitely be put into practice in the future. I found the videos and group discussions very insightful too."
Lauren Cottman Le Creuset UK
"I have gained more knowledge on how to handle difficult situations with guests and the appropriate methods in which I should act to resolve them effectively."
Anthony Stark Showcase Cinema de Lux Leicester
"A great course that provided some very useful information and tactics in order to diffuse conflict and confrontations."
Jason Hieron Showcase Cinema de Lux Reading
"All really useful stuff and very applicable to the role I am currently in. The course has increased my confidence and was very enjoyable as well. Thank you!"
Rebecca Stewart Scottish Fire & Rescue
"The trainer was excellent at keeping things interactive. This was a high-value course for me and it was of huge benefit to the success of my role."
Dawn Kotschujew Highland Third Sector Interface
"Very good - the trainer was fantastic! I really enjoyed the course, especially role playing a mediation session."
Catherine Lane Cardiff Metropolitan University
"I found the roleplay activities to be really useful in actually putting the theory into practice. Going through the thought process of how we would approach situations was also really useful."
Anna Taylor University of Warwick Students' Union
"I learnt a lot about how to deal with conflict. In particular, the role plays allowed us to put into action what we had learned which helped everything to sink in."
Danika Breheny Central Bedfordshire Council

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Course FAQs

We understand that you may have some queries about the course’s content or about how the training is delivered.

We’ve gathered together some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and have answered them below.

Who should attend this course?

This one-day course is ideal for groups of frontline workers, who may find themselves in disagreements or in conflict with colleagues from time to time.

We have delivered this popular course for organisations across a wide range of sectors.

Will I be a mediator after doing this course?

No, we are careful to distinguish our shorter courses from our accredited mediator programmes.

What we say is that this course will equip you with the ability to resolve both your own and others' agreements, but you won’t be a Mediator. To gain full accreditation, you would need our Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate course.

The Psychology of Conflict

Learn more about our approach to conflict resolution, based on Dr Mike Talbot's background in psychotherapy.