Tenancy Mediation

Facilitating agreements that benefit both tenants and landlords.

Are you in a dispute with your landlord or with one of your tenants? Are you considering taking legal action or going through the courts to resolve it? Maybe there is a problem with payment or with a security deposit. Or maybe the property isn’t up to the standard you think it should be, or there could be an issue relating to service charges, payment of bills, or maintenance of the property.

Tenancy mediation is a straightforward way of resolving disputes between landlords and tenants. It provides the perfect setting for a constructive and facilitated discussion, providing an opportunity for all parties involved to communicate more positively. This can help them to understand one another’s concerns and to jointly come up with ideas for how to end their ongoing dispute.

UK Mediation offers an unrivalled tenancy mediation process, expertly co-ordinated by our dedicated case managers, and delivered by our experienced mediators. They are qualified to the highest standard and are experienced in working with those in dispute. They know how to get landlords and tenants talking again, and they know how to facilitate agreements that everyone is likely to stick to.

We would be pleased to show you just how quick, easy, and inexpensive mediation can be in resolving any dispute involving tenants, landlords, and housing management agencies. Get in touch with UK Mediation and resolve your tenancy dispute today.

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How does tenancy mediation work?

We offer a range of services for the resolution of tenancy disputes.

We can provide you with our standard one-day mediation service, delivered 9:30-4:30, either online or face-to-face.

Or, alternatively, we can facilitate your case over the phone in a two-hour telephone mediation session.

Face-to-face or online mediation

  • Referring a case

    A completed referral form, providing us with details of the dispute and of the parties, and a signed booking form all are that is needed to book in the case.

  • Prior to the mediation

    The case manager will liaise with the referrer to organise the logistics, including timings, contact information, and online links (if required).

  • Individual meetings

    The mediator will meet with each party individually to discuss the dispute to date. These private sessions will last for approximately 1½ hours each.

  • The joint meeting

    Getting parties together in the same meeting allows for a comprehensive airing of views. The joint session usually lasts for half a day.

  • The mediation agreement

    The agreement is a joint plan of action decided upon by the participants. The mediator can write it up as a good faith agreement to give to both parties.

  • Feeding back

    If there is a third-party referrer, UK Mediation will provide them with a Mediation Summary on the next working day (subject to parties’ consent).

  • Follow-up and review

    The case manager will follow up the situation after an agreed period by contacting the parties confidentially to see if the agreement is working.

Telephone mediation

  • Referring a case

    We ask the parties to complete a Consent Form so that we can communicate between them to arrange the session.

  • Telephone mediation session

    The mediator will spend the arranged two-hour session shuttling between phone calls, passing across offers, options, messages, and requests.

  • The mediation agreement

    If the parties reach some points of agreement, the mediator can offer to write this up on the day and send it to them.

  • Follow-up and review

    The case manager will follow up the situation after an agreed period by contacting the parties confidentially to see if the agreement is working.

“Excellent, thank you!”Holly Venn, Contracts Manager
Nottingham Community Housing Association
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