Team Facilitation

Getting everyone pulling in the same direction again.

Most teams and groups work well together most of the time, but it is rare to find any team or group that works well together all of the time. A lot of teams and groups will occasionally need some extra support in order to:

  • look at, and potentially resolve, some underlying conflict in the team
  • check on any bad habits or destructive patterns of behaviour that could be holding them up
  • learn to make better, quicker, and more consensual decisions

Indications that teams are not working well together include a higher than usual turnover of staff, increased levels of sickness or absence, poor (or a lack of) decisions being made, and a reduced throughput of work.

Team facilitation is about getting everybody working well together. It is not quite the same as mediation, which tends to be used more when there is a dispute within the team. Facilitation is more about opening up dialogue, building trust, improving communication, and having the team value one another’s contributions.

It is tricky work and we leave it in the safe hands of our founder and CEO, Dr. Mike Talbot. Mike is a highly experienced psychotherapist, mediator, and facilitator, and sometimes works along with other co-facilitators to get to know your group, to understand what you are trying to achieve and what might be getting in the way of that, and ultimately to get everyone pulling in the same direction,

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