Family relationship mediation

Keeping families together.

There are two types of family mediation, family relationship mediation and family separation mediation. We practise family relationship mediation.

Family separation mediation is more of a quasi-legal discipline and, as we are not lawyers, we try not to get involved!
Family relationship mediation, however, is for those families who are looking to stay together. Family members may be having some difficulties, misunderstandings, or conflict that they are struggling to resolve, and they may be looking for some support to have the difficult discussions that really need to take place.

Relationships within families can often become strained. Clashes of lifestyle, communication problems, coupled with people’s different standards and aspirations, can lead to serious conflict and potentially damaging consequences.

Family relationship mediation helps you to have a better conversation with your family members, to fix relationships, to open up new dialogue, and to find a way for everyone to get on better, whatever that means for them.

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“Excellent experience. Everything was really useful.”Vanessa Slack, YJS Accommodation Worker
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