Commercial Mediation

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Avoiding the expense, delay, and distraction of litigation.

Of course, not all disputes are of an interpersonal nature. Commercial disputes are usually about money, property, goods, and services: financial and contractual matters that could otherwise end up in court and that usually require some sort of legal decision.

Maybe you have delivered a service or sold or provided something and not been paid, or perhaps you have paid for something that didn’t turn out to be what you expected. It could be that there is an issue over a boundary or a right of way, or something to do with an employment claim, business partnership, or intellectual property. Whatever the situation, commercial mediation is likely to be a better option than litigation.

Commercial mediation is a quick, cost-effective, and private method of resolving your dispute: saving you from the
stresses and costs of court, focussing on what everyone actually wants, and resolving your dispute amicably and consensually. More and more people are now trying commercial mediation before entering into a lengthy and expensive legal battle. What’s more, it is increasingly being encouraged by the courts and by the employment tribunal, and has a high rate of success.

If you are involved in a commercial dispute and need to discuss whether your situation might be suitable for mediation, just get in touch and we will happy to talk it through with you: in confidence and completely without obligation. Our team of experts can help you to decide whether mediation would be beneficial, as well as how to go about starting the process.

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