Family Mediation vs. Intra-Family Mediation

Posted on: July 3rd, 2023

Families are complex. Married or not, with children or without, and living together or apart, families sometimes need outside support to keep their relationships on track. And ultimately, if things should come off the rails, a different kind of support might be needed to help the adults to figure out how to end the relationship with dignity, and in everyone’s best interests.

What are the differences between Family and Intra-family Mediation?

The two different forms of support here are Family Mediation for divorce and separation, and Family Mediation for when families are trying to stay together (often referred to as Intra-Family Mediation).

The Family Mediation process

The Intra-family Mediation process

Understandably, these two processes can get confused when people refer to them both as ‘family mediation’! The way we like to talk about them at UK Mediation and EU Mediation is that one is for agreeing separation arrangements where the family is splitting up, while the other is for maintaining family relationships where the family is trying to stay together.

How can UK Mediation help?

We have never done divorce and separation mediation and don’t plan to.

We are not lawyers and, lately, Family Mediation has become more like a quasi-legal discipline, in which certain boxes have to be ticked in order for the consent order to get signed off by a judge. We also don’t feel that it is actually mediation in the truest sense.

The mediator is not entirely impartial, given that he or she will guide or advise the parties on what they can agree, and the parties’ self-determination is thereby compromised to a degree.

The variety of mediation that we do practise, for improving relationships in a family that is staying together, is a powerful and highly-effective process with which we have had great success over the years.

So, if relationships in the family are strained, or if communication has broken down, we would strongly recommend getting an impartial mediator to support everyone equally in coming to some understandings and agreement. Just be sure that you are getting the right kind of family mediation!

Speak to our family mediators

Here at UK Mediation, we have 23 years of experience in helping family members have an open discussion about issues that are causing a breakdown in the relationship. We can help with a range of family issues including sibling fall outs, intergenerational issues and situations where families want to stay together.

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