Dr Mike Talbot
Leading mediator, trainer, speaker and consultant

Transforming conflict, building dialogue, and maintaining people’s relationships

When I started UK Mediation back in 1999 the last thing I wanted to do was to replicate what everyone else was doing! Having been a psychotherapist for quite a while, I thought, ‘Well, why not use what I already know to get under the skin of conflict, and to look at resolving it from the inside out?’ So now I’ve got arguably the biggest and most successful mediation company around, and the idea seems to have worked!

The thing is that we struggle to negotiate our way through conflict because we’re so angry, put out, hurt, or impatient that we find it hard not to let emotion get in the way of reason. Communication breaks down, and we get so wrapped up in an interpersonal struggle that we can scarcely remember how the argument got started in the first place. My approach is to understand these conflict processes in great detail, so that we can start to resolve all sorts of disputes much more effectively.

My curiosity about the psychology of conflict has led to a whole load of services and training courses that you won’t find anywhere else. My life’s work has been in understanding where conflict comes from, and how we can get better at resolving it. UK Mediation is my way of making these ideas, services, and courses available for you to use: transforming conflict, building dialogue, and maintaining better relationships.

“As a mediator, I provide a safe, confidential, and neutral environment in which everyone can start to build better dialogue.”Dr. Mike Talbot, Founder and CEO
UK Mediation
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Dispute Resolution

Mike’s unique approach to the resolution of conflict has led to him being in high demand as a practising mediator. His work includes workplace mediation, resolving interpersonal, family, financial, or business-related matters, and addressing conflict within teams and groups.


Working with the team at UK Mediation Ltd, Mike has developed an innovative suite of training programmes based around his unique psycho-therapeutic approach to conflict resolution. Bucking the trend for treating mediation as a quasi-legal process, Mike wants his trainees to gain a thorough understanding of the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that can get in the way of the successful resolution of conflict.

Mediation Case Supervision & Practice Consultancy

Mike is highly qualified and experienced as a clinical supervisor, and is uniquely placed to offer expert case supervision and practice consultancy for practising mediators. He runs a series of regular supervision groups for organisations and offers one-to-one case supervision to mediators at all stages of their professional development.

Organisational Development

Every organisation experiences conflict from time to time, and sometimes needs additional support to help resolve it. Mike has worked with organisations from charities to FTSE 100 companies, from manufacturing to finance, both in the UK and worldwide, applying his unique psychotherapeutic approach to lasting conflict resolution.

Speaking, conferences and press

Mike is available to speak at your conference, seminar, training event or away-day. He also regularly contributes to journals, magazines, trade and popular press, and radio & TV, as an expert on mediation in general, and on psychological aspects of conflict in particular.

Enquiries should be directed to admin@ukmediation.net, or by calling Scott McIver on 0800 772 0778.

More about Mike’s public speaking

Just some of the events Mike has spoken at:

Just some of the events Mike has spoken at
About us

Founded in 1999 by Dr Mike Talbot, UK Mediation is the leading provider of mediation services and training in the UK. Discover more about our approach to conflict resolution, our accreditations, history, and what we have to offer.

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Mediation training

Available as either a bespoke in-house course delivered on your premises, or at one of our renowned open access public courses, our mediation training is accredited, professional and used by some of the UK’s biggest organisations.

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Mediation services

Mediation is about resolving a dispute without the need for courts or tribunals, judges or arbitrators. Our experienced mediators can work with you or your organisation to resolve even the most entrenched of conflicts.

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