Webinar: Mediation for the Emergency Services

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Mediation can be effective in many different types of workplaces, and especially beneficial in industries and settings that deal with much more extreme circumstances.

And, whether it be the high stakes of the job, the lack of resources, or the inevitable stress, it’s no surprise that the emergency services are often more vulnerable to interpersonal conflict.

It’s no surprise either that recent research suggests that 87% of emergency services workers feel stressed regularly, with conflict being one of the leading causes of this.

Here at UK Mediation, we are seeing increasing numbers of police constabularies, ambulance services and fire and rescue services seeking workplace mediation to resolve such issues.

And it’s for good reason. Mediation has proven to be especially effective in such high-pressure environments, maintaining relationships, improving morale, and saving time and costs in resolving the matter.

Join our CEO & Founder, Dr Mike Talbot, as he reflects on how mediation can be used for this important application.

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