Mediation Advent Calendar – 15th to 21st December

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This December, we’ve been counting down the days until Christmas with our own unique take on the traditional Advent Calendar.

Every day, we’ve been posting the developments of a classic workplace dispute on our social media channels so that you can follow every single step, from initial fall-out to resolution, including the full mediation process.

Set in the accounting department of an unnamed organisation, follow Heather and Siobhan’s as they begin to repair their working relationship!

Here’s the recap for December’s THIRD week of conflict…

(15/25) The mediator goes through conduct rules at the start of the joint session, including no abusive language and allowing each other to speak uninterrupted.

Both parties then get a similar amount of time to once again air their side of the story.


(16/25) During Siobhan’s talking time, Heather persists in interrupting!

The mediator reminds her of her agreement to wait her turn, employing a three strikes policy.

If Heather continues, she will be taken aside to the side room to cool down!


(17/25) At the end of both parties’ uninterrupted time, the mediator summarises their opening comments.

He will attempt to identify common ground between them, writing down topics that came up to form an agenda for the rest of the meeting.


(18/25) After asking both parties to pick a topic to talk about first, the mediator asks them to directly converse with each other.

He will use ‘reframing‘ to shift the focus from past to present, and move away from blame to responsibility.


(19/25) Going through the topics of disagreement, the mediator starts to write down rough suggestions that the parties come up with.

Here, he helps them to evaluate the workability of potential agreements and settlement options.


(20/25) Having established some point of agreement, the mediator begins to write these down in SMART format.

This is done through the participants’ own words and allows them to be clear about what they should do going forward.


(21/25) Both parties sign the agreement, encouraging them to stick to it.

The participants also decide who should see the agreement…

In this case, Heather and Siobhan decide that it should be kept between them and not be shared with their manager, James.

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