Webinar – Preventing Homelessness with Mediation

James Watson Webinars

On 3rd April this year, the Homelessness Reduction Act came into force. Under this new legislation, local authorities and other government bodies have a legally-binding duty to provide a wider range of services and protocols, including information and advice, to people at risk of homelessness.

Many are seeing mediation as a key tool in preventing situations where homelessness results from family breakdowns and other conflict, especially for young people.

Official statistics suggest that 57% of youth homelessness is a result of someone being forced to leave their home by a family member or co-tenant. This could be because of lifestyle choices, substance misuse, mental health issues, or something as simple as a breakdown in the relationship between two tenants or family members. In addition, conflict within a tenant-landlord relationship could lead directly to someone ending up on the streets.

Join our CEO & Founder, Dr Mike Talbot, as he reflects on how mediation can be used in this life-changing way, and how our Mediation Skills for Homelessness Prevention course works.

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