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Our mediation webinar is your opportunity to learn about a different aspect of mediation each month. We like to focus on a variety of topics - past webinars have included presentations on how mediation works and how to become a mediator (both of which are still available to view in the archive below), while also looking at how mediation can help specific sectors, such as healthcare, universities and the private sector.

Everyone is welcome to attend our webinars. While some of them touch on the psychology behind interpersonal conflict and mediation, we won’t bamboozle you with science! The content is delivered in a very accessible and engaging way and we always make sure there’s sufficient time at the end for any questions you may have.

Find out more and register for a webinar by clicking the buttons below, or click here to keep up-to-date about future webinars as we add them. If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover in a future webinar, get in touch.

We look forward to welcoming you to the next webinar!

Meet Dr Mike

Our CEO, Dr Mike Talbot, delivers our monthly webinars. Find out more about Mike's experience and background here.

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Upcoming webinars

Conflict on Campus
20 August 2021, 12:00

This presentation takes a look at the different types of conflict that can occur on university campuses.

Pre-recorded webinars

Workplace Mediation Online Showcase
Recorded: 18 June 2021

This online showcase takes you through our seven-stage mediation model and how it can be applied to workplace disputes.

Conflict & Mental Wellbeing
Recorded: 23 April 2021

This free webinar will explore the link between conflict and mental health: the effect it can have on individuals and how they can be supported when in conflict.

Workplace Bullying
Recorded: 19 March 2021

Dr Mike Talbot presents this webinar aimed at resolving bullying and harassment issues through mediation.

Online Mediation in Action
Recorded: 12 February 2021

This very topical webinar looks at how you can carry out your mediation practice effectively online.

Becoming an Interpersonal Mediator
Recorded: 15 January 2021

This free webinar looks at how you can become a professional interpersonal mediator.

Building Dialogue in a Healthcare Setting
Recorded: 11 December 2020

This webinar looks at how workplace disputes, medical conflicts, and complaints can all be resolved with productive dialogue.

Mediation: Time to Transform the Legal Profession!
Recorded: 06 November 2020

This free webinar looks at the overlap between mediation and the legal profession, including where they can be used together.

Resolving Complaints in Housing, Healthcare & Higher Education
Recorded: 16 October 2020

This free webinar looks at how mediation can be used to resolve complaints in the housing, higher education and healthcare sectors.

Business, Boardroom & B2B Conflict
Recorded: 25 September 2020

Join us for this webinar to see how UK Mediation provides mediation services to boardrooms and businesses in conflict.

Resolving Return to Work Conflict
Recorded: 21 August 2020

This topical webinar, presented by UK Mediation CEO Dr Mike Talbot, looks at how organisations can positively resolve conflict as employees return to the workplace.

The Psychology of Conflict
Recorded: 24 July 2020

Based on the pioneering work of our CEO, Dr Mike Talbot, this webinar lifts the lid on mediation: how we get into disputes, how we get stuck there, and what we need to resolve them.

Becoming a Workplace Mediator
Recorded: 19 June 2020

A comprehensive webinar on becoming a professional workplace mediator, building your reputation, growing your experience and establishing credibility.

Mediation for Local Authorities
Recorded: 14 February 2020

This new webinar will look at disputes in these settings and how mediation can be used to resolve disputes.

Preventing Homelessness with Mediation
Recorded: 06 December 2019

The Homelessness Reduction Act requires local authorities to provide services to people at risk of homelessness. How can mediation help?

Launching a Mediation Service
Recorded: 15 November 2019

Practical advice and guidance on how organisations should go about setting up their own internal mediation service.

Neighbourhood Mediation
Recorded: 13 September 2019

Mediation provides an opportunity for neighbours and tenants to communicate better, understand one another’s concerns, and jointly come up with ideas for how to end their dispute.

Mediation & New Technology
Recorded: 05 July 2019

This webinar examines the impact of new technology on interpersonal disputes and the practice of mediation.

Medical Mediation
Recorded: 07 June 2019

Aimed at those working in the NHS and similar organisations, this insightful webinar will look at how mediation can resolve conflicts involving patients, carers, families and health professionals.

Mediation for the Emergency Services
Recorded: 12 April 2019

High-pressure environments can make workplace disputes more common, and more difficult to resolve in a private and pre-formal way.

Family Mediation Online Showcase
Recorded: 05 April 2019

Join us for this online showcase: your chance to see a simulated family dispute and how mediation is used to prevent a young person becoming homeless.

Building Dialogue in Diverse Organisations
Recorded: 15 March 2019

Discover how mediation can address disputes between colleagues with diverse ethnic or cultural backgrounds.

Mediating Customer Complaints
Recorded: 18 January 2019

Most customer complaints can be resolved at an early stage, with both sides simply talking things through. Mediation can be used to resolve particularly entrenched complaints.

Team Facilitation
Recorded: 05 October 2018

Teams sometimes need additional support to make them more effective. Find out how mediation skills can facilitate these improvements to your teams.

Mediating Salary Disputes
Recorded: 18 May 2018

Pay gaps and perceived unfairness surrounding salary can be difficult issues to resolve. Workplace mediation can be an excellent way to address disputes that arise around issues relating to pay.

Social Media in Workplace Conflict
Recorded: 09 March 2018

Services such as Facebook and Twitter are part of many peoples’ everyday lives. When people are in conflict, they can be misused.

When Workplace Romances Go Wrong!
Recorded: 16 February 2018

Intimate relationships between co-workers can have negative consequences, both for those involved and the rest of the team.

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