Mediation Training for the Private Sector

Train in using mediation to address disputes for every need.

Is unresolved conflict holding you up? Workplace fall-outs, miscommunication, personality clashes, and perceptions of unfair treatment are all known to be major causes of absence, under-performance, and work-related stress. And when individuals aren’t getting on, teams suffer, productivity is affected, and in the end your organisation loses out.

Learn from the experts how to resolve conflict more effectively: saving yourself time, money, delay and distraction, and ultimately avoiding lengthy and expensive formal processes:

For when conflict starts, our one-day training courses will prepare you to address situations quickly and positively.

When it’s time to sit people down and talk things through, our 2-day mediation skills course will train your team how to run resolution meetings: clearing the air and building better understanding.

And if you want to build an organisation-wide mediator panel, ready to respond to internal referrals of workplace disputes, we can provide you with everything you need.

We have grouped our market-leading courses into three categories: short courses, accredited courses, and next steps courses. If you can’t see quite what you need, do please get in touch and we would be glad to customise something for you.

Some of the private sector clients we’ve worked with…

Short courses

Understanding Mediation

Getting started

Thinking of using workplace mediation to resolve workplace disputes? This starter package is great for people managers, HR professionals, and all levels of staff.

Our one-day package will give you a clear understanding of mediation.

  • Training on the uses and benefits of workplace mediation
  • Some key mediation skills that your group can take away and use straight away
  • How to decide which situations would be suitable (and unsuitable) for mediation
  • Building mediation into your policies and procedures
  • Where next?

Practical Mediation Skills

Developing your skills

If you want your group to gain competence and confidence in using some key workplace mediation skills, but without having to qualify as mediators, this would be the best package. This would be suitable for management, HR and staff of any level with line management responsibilities. If, at the conclusion of this course, you decide to go and to qualify some in-house mediators, you can use the two-day skills as a credit towards a full qualification.

A two-day Mediation Skills course giving you the tools to mediate disputes.

  • Training in how to mediate workplace disputes: an abbreviated version our renowned five-day accredited mediator training
  • The strengths, benefits, and limitations of workplace mediation
  • Selection criteria for deciding what kinds of situations would be suitable for mediation
  • How to build mediation skills into your regular professional role

Confident Conversations

Plan, manage, and conduct challenging conversations more confidently and competently.

Our Confident Conversations course shows you how to plan, initiate, and manage a more positive discussion about any sensitive topic: helping you stay in control of both sides of the interaction and ensuring that you can set and achieve your objective for the conversation.

  • How to manage discussions around sensitive subjects
  • Switching an interaction from competition to collaboration
  • Listening well, responding appropriately, and giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Planning, structuring, and successfully concluding challenging conversations

Accredited courses

Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate

Qualify your own group of in-house mediators

Are you ready to qualify some internal mediators? You may have existing staff who are working in mediation, who would benefit from having an accredited qualification, or you may be ready to set up your own internal mediation service from scratch. This is one of our most popular packages for organisations.

The five-day intensive programme qualifies you to become accredited mediators.

  • Impartial, competence-based selection of your training candidates
  • Accredited training, assessment, and certification of your mediators
  • All of the forms, templates, and policies and procedures that you would need in order to get a mediation service working
  • Post-course support for when you start taking on cases
  • A live, competence-based selection process, run by us, for choosing who to put through the training (optional)
  • Case supervision: group sessions run for your mediators by a practising mediator, where your workers can de-brief and reflect on their learning when they begin to take on real cases (optional)

Next steps courses

Refresher Days

Refreshing your skills

Our popular one-day refresher package is taken up by those who are already using a group of in-house mediators

The one-day event, run by a practising mediator, refreshes your mediation skills.

  • Revision of the workplace mediation model
  • Re-visiting any key skills or key parts of the mediation model that your group may need a reminder of
  • Live supervision/consultative support of cases that your mediators have completed, drawing out learning points and continually building best practice
  • Troubleshooting, and a health-check on how your service is running, with some suggestions for what could be enhanced or improved
“Everything was clearly explained and presented. Very enjoyable!”Mel Priestley, HR Management
BMW (UK) Ltd
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