Tenancy mediation

Resolving disputes around tenancy agreements

Are you in a dispute with your landlord or with one of your tenants? Perhaps there is a problem with payment or with a security deposit. Maybe the property isn’t up to the standard you think it should be, or there could be an issue relating to service charges or to maintaining the property.

Many difficult issues that arise in rented accommodation can be resolved by a conversation
and a bit of give and take. However, sometimes conflict goes a bit deeper, or goes on for a bit too long, and then it can be helpful to have someone impartial to come and make the conversation happen. This is where our professional mediators come in.

Mediation offers a quick, cost effective, and private method of resolving a dispute: saving you from the stresses and costs of court, and focussing on what everyone really wants to happen, rather than on wrongs and rights and legal points. You get to decide what happens, and to build an agreement that both sides are happy to implement. You can avoid having an outcome imposed on you, or a situation where someone feels as if they have ‘lost’.

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“Excellent, thank you!”Holly Venn, Contracts Manager
Nottingham Community Housing
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