Mediating by Phone

Learn how to carry out your mediation cases by telephone, see a case in action, and get to participate in this highly interactive half-day conversion course.

This practical conversion course for trained mediators gives the perfect introduction to how to conduct your interpersonal cases on the phone.

The course centres on a heated dispute between neighbours and shows you how to apply your mediation skills when the case is conducted by telephone.

The skills, approach, and techniques shown all come from our own widely applicable model, and are equally valuable for workplace, neighbourhood, family relationship and complaints mediation.

The course includes:

  • Phone-based Interpersonal Mediation: what it is and what it isn’t
  • How the step-by-step mediation model works on the phone
  • The role of the telephone mediator: what’s different from doing it face-to-face?
  • Managing the session, the participants, and the outcome
  • Managing confidentiality and impartiality in telephone mediation

Learn how to mediate over the phone

Understand how the process differs

Manage confidentiality and impartiality

Why train online with UK Mediation?

  • Experienced in virtual delivery

    For many years now, we’ve provided online courses to both individuals and organisations. We’ve honed our processes over that time, ensuring that we remain the leading providers of online mediation training.

  • ISO-9001 quality standard

    ISO-9001 is the internationally-recognised standard for quality management. This means that, whatever service we’re providing, you can be sure it will be carried out in an efficient and quality-focused manner.

  • Trained by real mediators

    All of our trainers are practising mediators with many years of experience. They are also certified adult educators, meaning you’re in capable hands during your training!

  • Post-course support

    We don’t wash our hands of you after your training. Not only do we have a dedicated support line, we also give you access to our exclusive IMPC Learner Zone, a hub of information and resources for qualified mediators.

Course Content


This ½-day online conversion course shows you everything you need to know to run your existing practice on the phone, including:

    • Choosing whether to use online mediation and deciding when to do it
    • What sorts of situations should and shouldn’t be mediated over the phone
    • How telephone mediation differs from other approaches to resolving conflict
    • How the 7-step face-to-face process translates into telephone mediation, illustrated with a video of a case

    • Making the most of your existing mediation skills when working over the phone

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this ½-day online course is to show you how telephone mediation works in practice, and how it can be successfully applied to an interpersonal dispute.

We use a neighbourhood dispute as an example, but the same skills and model apply equally to workplace disputes, family conflict, and complaints scenarios.

At the conclusion of the day, you should be able to:

    • Compare and contrast using telephone mediation skills with other forms of dispute resolution

    • Understand how to use your essential mediator skills and qualities to work effectively on the phone

    • Know the steps and stages of the telephone mediation process

    • Know when and how telephone mediation would be the best remedy for a dispute

    • Appreciate how it feels to be in the telephone mediator role


All of our online courses are live, interactive events, run by a practising mediator who is an expert in the field.

This course includes a combination of:

    • A video of the whole of a telephone mediation case

    • Lecture and live input by the trainer, as well as discussion among delegates

    • Group exercises

    • Small-group activities

    • Practice sessions with simulated case material

    • Real-life case studies

The learning group is created as a Zoom meeting, in which we can use custom-made video material, carry out discussions, and run small group exercises.

Our trainers have a wealth of practical experience in mediating and training and are able to adapt the course content to the make-up of the particular learning group. Mediating by Phone is ideal for workplace, neighbourhood, family relationship, and complaints mediators.


  • Does it work to learn to learn these skills online?

    Yes, it works really well, and feedback from people attending this course is consistently excellent. At UK Mediation, we have looked long and hard at what we can deliver online and what needs to be taught face-to-face. While some of our accredited mediator programmes have to be delivered in person, we believe this course can achieve its aims and objectives with a carefully delivered online approach. Plus, we know what we’re doing – we lead the way in virtual training delivery! We are an externally-accredited training provider and the only holders of the ISO 9001 quality standard in the mediation world. Our trainers have devised this course and refined it over the years to be a lively, interactive event, and feedback from previous learners include comments on it being ‘engaging’, ‘highly relevant’, and ‘a great confidence booster’.

  • Can I do this course without any prior mediation training?

    No, this is a conversion course for people already trained as mediators. If you want to learn the basics of mediating by phone from scratch, we suggest our one-day Telephone Mediation Essentials. If you are just setting out and want to learn about mediation in general, try our two-day Mediation Skills for Facilitated Conversations. Or, if you want to become a qualified mediator, you will need to attend one of our Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate courses, either at a 5-day live event (subject to COVID-19 restrictions) or in our blended 2 X 3-day modular programme..


    The standard price for the course is £225 + VAT.

    You can either pay the full amount now, or pay a 25% deposit to secure your place. We would then ask you to settle the balance six weeks before the course.


    We are pleased to offer a 10% discount for any one of the following reasons:

    What’s included

    Your course fee includes all of the following:

    • Half day of online training via Zoom, 9:30-12:30
    • High-quality PDF training guide
    • Free post-course support

    Scheduled courses

    Venue details

    Delivered online via Zoom

      Wednesday 9th June

    “This was the first time I have done any training online, but it was really well managed and very beneficial. The manual and resources were helpful too.”Paul James, Tenancy Compliance Officer
    Northampton Partnership Homes
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