Professional Practice in Mediation

Going to the next level in your mediation career.

If you have completed an externally-accredited, Level 4 mediation qualification (such as our Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate), and want to be able to demonstrate your professional practice as a mediator, then our PPM is for you. It is a Level 5, UK Mediation-Accredited qualification that enhances your credentials as a practising mediator.

Rather than being a taught course, PPM involves a self-directed process of independent learning. You complete five mediation cases over whatever period you choose; you build a portfolio of reflective learning around your five cases, using advice and guidance from us, and then you attend for a face-to-face or online assessment when your portfolio is complete.

At a glance

  • £750 + VAT
  • Validate your mediation skills through practice
  • UK Mediation-Accredited qualification
  • Flexible timescales

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“Great level of detail. Personable approach and constructive, directional feedback.”Sharon Russell, Human Resources Business Partner
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Our PPM qualification will let you…

Stand out from the crowd

Allows you to demonstrate your competence as a mediator, and also assures your clients and funders of your ethical and reflective practice.

Get maximum recognition

PPM is a Level Five, UK Mediation-accredited qualification, and it is the highest available qualification in the EU.

Dictate a timescale that works for you

PPM is a self-directed process of independent learning over whatever period of time works best for you and your existing commitments.

Speak to one of our experts about how PPM would best work for you.

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