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Becoming an accredited mediator is just the beginning of your mediation journey.

Here at UK Mediation, we believe that mediation training shouldn’t end once you become an accredited mediator. Our range of ‘next steps’ options allows you to develop and grow your skills to become a world-class mediator, able to handle more demanding cases.

If you’re looking to top up your skills, our Mediation Refresher Day is the course for you. This one-day open-access course allows you to revisit key skills learned on your training, as well as giving you another opportunity to practise your skills.

We also offer our Professional Practice in Mediation qualification, which allows you to demonstrate your professional practice as a mediator. It is a level five qualification and the highest professional mediation qualification in Europe.

What if I qualified with another provider?

No problem! Our ‘next steps’ courses are designed to develop your mediation skills regardless of where you gained your initial qualification. The majority of learners gained accredited mediator status through our Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate course; however, providing you have completed an externally accredited course, you would be more than welcome on any of the courses below.

Mediation Refresher Days

The Mediation Refresher Day has been designed to help you get back on track.

We want to offer you a reminder about what you have learned on your training, to give you a chance to practise on a simulated case and to share experiences of cases from your practice. The one-day course is perfect for qualified mediators who are returning to practice after a break, or simply feel that they would benefit from revisiting the concepts and techniques learned in their earlier training.

1-day course
£395 + VAT

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Professional Practice in Mediation

PPM is a level five, UK Mediation-accredited qualification – the highest in Europe – that enhances your credentials as a practising mediator.

PPM involves a self-directed process of independent learning. You complete five mediation cases over whatever period you choose; you build a portfolio of reflective learning around those cases, using advice and guidance from us, and then you attend for a face-to-face assessment when your portfolio is complete.

Flexible timescales to fit your situation
£750 + VAT

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