Mediation training for
public bodies

Train in mediation to address all types of workplace disputes.

Workplace fall-outs, miscommunication, personality clashes, and perceptions of unfair treatment are all known to be major causes of absence, under-performance, and work-related stress. And, like with any other sector, public bodies can be just as vulnerable to the damage that unresolved conflict can cause.

At UK Mediation, we’ve worked with dozens of non-ministerial departments, public services, and the armed forces to introduce mediation into their organisations.

For when conflict starts, our one-day training courses will prepare you to address situations quickly and positively.

When it’s time to sit people down and talk things through, our 2-day mediation skills course will train your team how to run resolution meetings: clearing the air and building better understanding.

And if you want to build an organisation-wide mediator panel, ready to respond to internal referrals of workplace disputes, we can provide you with everything you need.

Our market-leading courses are grouped into three categories: short courses, accredited courses, and next steps courses. All of these training options can be delivered either face-to-face or online, and we are pleased to tailor them towards your requirements.

Some of the many public bodies we’ve worked with…

Short courses

Workplace Mediation Skills

Gain confidence and competence in putting your mediation skills into practice

This two-day Workplace Mediation Skills course provides learners with the skills needed to incorporate mediation into their practice. The course combines a small amount of theory with a lot of practice, and provides opportunities for your learners to try out their developing skills on some realistic case material tailored to your organisation.

  • Mediating disputes: an abbreviated version of our five-day qualification
  • The strengths, benefits, and limitations of workplace mediation
  • How to build mediation skills into your regular professional role
  • Building mediation into your organisation’s processes

Understanding Mediation

Getting started on a different approach to resolving disputes

If you’re thinking of using mediation to resolve workplace disputes, our one-day Understanding Mediation package will give your employees a clear understanding of mediation. Suitable for management, HR teams, and all levels of staff, and ideal for those with no prior experience of conflict resolution.

  • Training on the uses and benefits of workplace mediation
  • Some key mediation skills that your group can take away and use immediately
  • How to decide which situations would be suitable (and unsuitable) for mediation
  • Building mediation into your policies and procedures

Confident Conversations

Plan, manage, and conduct challenging conversations more confidently and competently

Our one-day Confident Conversations course shows you how to plan, initiate, and manage a more positive discussion about any sensitive topic: helping you stay in control of both sides of the interaction and ensuring that you can achieve your objective for the conversation.

  • How to manage discussions around sensitive subjects
  • Switching an interaction from competition to collaboration
  • Listening well, responding appropriately, and giving constructive feedback
  • Planning, structuring, and successfully concluding challenging conversations

Conflict Resolution Skills

Learn how to resolve conflict more quickly and more effectively

Our one-day Conflict Resolution Skills course offers a practical grounding in the skills and knowledge required to resolve conflict. The course equips your delegates with an understanding and a set of skills to be able to better address both their own and others’ disagreements.

  • How to view and address conflict more effectively and confidently
  • The skills and techniques for resolving conflict between you and others
  • When it is appropriate to refer people’s disputes on to other sources of help
  • Planning, structuring, and successfully concluding challenging conversations

Manager as Mediator

Equipping managers with the skills required to resolve workplace disputes

This one-day Manager as Mediator masterclass, run by one of our experienced mediators, draws on a collection of the skills used by mediators, coaches and counsellors. It gives your delegates a thorough insight into the psychology of conflict, and builds confidence and competence in putting some mediation skills to use straight away.

  • What mediation is and isn’t, and how it gets used in the workplace
  • A step-by-step process: how not to get lost in other people’s disputes
  • Dealing with disruptive behaviour in resolution meetings
  • Knowing when to quit: referring situations on for other types of intervention

Telephone Mediation Essentials

Learn the principles of telephone mediation for interpersonal disputes, and see a case in action

This practical one-day Telephone Mediation Essentials course gives you the perfect introduction to the principles and practice of using telephone and shuttle mediation to resolve disputes. The course takes you through the skills and techniques of mediation: showing you how a mediator would apply telephone mediation to a real-life case.

  • Telephone-based interpersonal mediation: what it is and isn’t
  • The underlying principles of telephone mediation
  • Identifying how conflict develops, and when the mediator should get involved
  • Confidentiality and impartiality: how they work in telephone mediation

Online Mediation Essentials

Learn the principles of online mediation for interpersonal disputes, and see online mediation in action

This one-day Online Mediation Essentials course gives the perfect introduction to the principles and practice of using online mediation to resolve disputes. The course takes you through the skills and techniques of mediation: showing you how a real mediator would apply a stage-by-stage online mediation process to resolving interpersonal conflict.

  • Online interpersonal mediation: what it is and isn’t
  • Some underlying principles of online mediation
  • The role of the online interpersonal mediator
  • Confidentiality and impartiality: avoiding pitfalls in online mediation

Accredited courses

Ready to qualify some internal mediators?

You may have existing staff who are working in mediation who would benefit from having an accredited qualification, or you may be ready to set up your own internal mediation service from scratch. Our Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate qualifies you as an accredited mediator and is widely recognised and respected within the industry.

  • Accredited training, assessment, and certification of your mediators
  • Professional training packs, complete with tailored case scenarios and learner manual
  • All of the forms, templates, and policies and procedures that your service would need
  • Lifetime post-course support, including access to our exclusive IMPC Learner Zone
  • A competence-based selection process, run by us, for choosing who to train (optional)
  • Case Supervision sessions, where your mediators can de-brief and reflect on mediated cases (optional)

Next steps courses

Mediation Refresher

Revisit key mediation skills and get your internal practice back on track

Taken up by those who already have in-house mediators, our popular Mediation Refresher is run by one of our expert practising mediators. It refreshes your knowledge, gives you another opportunity to practice your skills, and allows for tailored content to meet your current requirements.

  • Revision of the workplace mediation model
  • Re-visiting any key skills or key parts of the mediation model
  • Live supervision/consultative support of cases that your mediators have completed
  • Troubleshooting, and a health-check on how your service is running

Case Supervision

Develop your skills, build your confidence, and sharpen your insight as a mediator

Case Supervision is a structured way of getting consultative support, allowing you to develop your skills beyond what you learned in your training, and helping to ensure that you are mediating effectively, professionally, and safely. Can be delivered in either a half-day or one-day session, depending on group size and caseload of your mediators.

  • Group discussion on presented cases
  • Reflect on past cases: what went well and what could have gone better
  • Ethical and professional considerations: working safely
  • Input on specialist topics from the supervisor

Mediating by Phone

Build on your existing skills to carry out effective shuttle mediation over the phone

Our Mediating by Phone course is for people already trained as mediators, and takes place in the form of a half-day video conference. It is specifically for those interested in shuttle mediation on the phone, building on the skills that attendees will already have following their mediation training.

  • A quick re-cap on key skills of the mediator
  • Confidentiality, impartiality, and voluntary participation when mediating by phone
  • Learn active listening skills without the presence of non-verbal cues
  • Facilitating the shuttle conversation: Offers, Options, and Requests

Mediating Online

Build on your existing skills to carry out effective mediation on virtual platforms

Our half-day Mediating Online workshop is perfect for those have already trained in mediation, but who are looking to also start offering online mediation. The training builds on your existing resolution skills, and gives you the required confidence to offer mediation over virtual platforms.

  • A quick re-cap on key skills of the mediator
  • Confidentiality, impartiality, and voluntary participation when mediating online
  • Address differences between this method and face-to-face mediation
  • Consider ethical implications of this method of resolution
“The course was in-depth, which has given me the confidence to practise mediation.”Martin Gwillim, HR Manager
Ministry of Defence
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