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Get your team back on the same page and ready to perform again.

Even the highest-functioning teams can occasionally suffer a dip in performance or morale. When budgets are tight, when organisations are undergoing re-structuring, when personalities clash, or when workloads are particularly high, conflict can easily arise and can interfere with a team’s ability to work to its full potential.

Team mediation aims to resolve conflict, restore better team functioning, and ultimately gets the team ready perform to its maximum capacity once again. It is a quick, cost-effective, and private method of resolving team-based issues, saving the stresses and costs of formal action, minimising absenteeism, and conforming to current best practice. It focuses on all parties getting what they want from their working relationships with others, and on moving forwards amicably with an agreement that everyone involved has contributed towards.

UK Mediation has developed a highly-effective approach to team mediation over the last twenty years, which has been successfully applied to many teams in all sorts of organisations. We try to retain flexibility in responding to what the team wants, how it wants to address its conflict, and what pace it wants to move at.

Our team mediation service is led by our CEO, Dr Mike Talbot, who has a background in psychotherapy, mediation, and management, and draws on twenty years’ experience of working with teams and groups. Mike has assembled an impressive team of mediators over the years and chooses his co-mediators for each piece of the work on the basis of the particular make-up of the team, the nature of the organisation, and the type of issues that the team is experiencing.

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“I was really pleased with the quick and efficient service that we received from UK Mediation. With their knowledge and expertise, we were able to defuse a situation with an amicable outcome that left the parties happy.”Lauren Rowe, HR Advisor
Addison Lee
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