Webinar: Becoming a Workplace Mediator

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Watch our comprehensive webinar on Becoming a Workplace Mediator: exploring how you can build your reputation, grow your experience and establish credibility.

This is one of our most popular webinars, which we run every few months for people considering moving into workplace mediation, either as a full-time profession, or as an additional skill.

The presentation is also of benefit to those who have recently trained in mediation, and we regularly receive positive feedback for the advice and guidance provided in past webinars.

The 45-minute webinar is presented by UK Mediation CEO, Dr Mike Talbot, and includes:

  • Defining interpersonal mediation
  • The benefits of mediation
  • The required skills of the mediator
  • Choosing the right training course
  • Becoming a freelance mediator
  • Finding work as a mediator
  • Establishing your credibility