UK Mediation Schedules Refresher Day in 2020

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Back by popular demand, UK Mediation are pleased to announce that we will be running a Mediation Refresher Day early next year.

Designed to help you get back on track with mediation, this one-day training course will take place on 31st January 2020 at our Birmingham training venue.

When we’ve run this course in the past, delegates have found it really useful to go over what was learned on their training, have another chance to practise a simulated case, and receive some individual feedback from one of our expert mediators.

In addition, we’ll also go over our highly-successful 7 Stage Mediation Model, as well as discuss any cases that learners may have already experienced. This is a hugely-popular feature of our in-house training support, where learners can discuss what went right and what might have gone wrong, providing valuable opportunities for reflection into their own practice.

Not only that, we will also be incorporating elements of our Mediation Showcases, making this our biggest and best Refresher Day yet! We’ll have a live simulated dispute for you to watch, giving you the opportunity to see the overall structure of a mediation case, including the individual meetings with each party and a joint session afterwards.

What’s more, we also encourage delegates to contribute towards the agenda of the training. So, if there’s a particular aspect of mediation that you were looking to top up your knowledge with, we’re more than happy to take that into account!

So what can you expect to be covered on the course?

  • Discussion of recent mediation news / legislative changes
  • Overview of our relational model of mediation, re:talk (more on this soon!)
  • Mediator skills revision, especially ‘reframing’
  • Ethics, impartiality, and confidentiality
  • Conflicts of interest, particularly for in-house mediators
  • Working with a co-mediator
  • Dealing with resistance to mediation

And who should attend?

You can find out more information about our Mediation Refresher Day, as well as book your place, here.

And, of course, if you do have any further questions about the course, or any of our mediation training options, please do get in touch.