UK Mediation Hosts Showcase Events in Manchester and London

Scott McIver Articles, Media & Events

This month, UK Mediation were proud to host two more free mediation showcases, with one each in both Manchester and London.

Held at two of our world-class training venues, the event was designed to give attendees the opportunity to see mediation in action, including the benefits it has for resolving all manner of interpersonal disputes.

Hosted by our CEO, Dr Mike Talbot, and starring a small cast of volunteer actors, the event featured a simulated mediation case from start to finish, an accompanying presentation on our 7-Stage Mediation Model, and an informal Q+A session to finish things off nicely.

We also had a great turnout for both events, with a mixture of prospective clients and past learners in attendance. Those interested in working with us got to see how we operate, the methods we use, and were introduced to our expert team, while it was also great to catch up and provide further advice to individuals who had trained with us recently.

Dr Talbot had this to say about our recent round of free events:

“It was great to get out of the office and see both old and new faces in Manchester and London. We also had great feedback from everyone who attended, many of whom said that they could see potential uses within their own organisations or careers. It just goes to show that a practical demonstration really is the best way to showcase what mediation has to offer!”

And, if you haven’t yet been to one of our mediation events, we will be scheduling more very soon! Keep up-to-date with event announcements here, and follow our social media channels to stay in touch: