Webinar: Family Mediation Online Showcase

James Watson Dr Mike Talbot, Videos, Webinars

Over the last 12 months, we have run mediation showcases – allowing you to see a simulated mediation case in action. While it’s great to run these as live events and meet clients and friends in person, we often get requests to make these events available online.

This our first online mediation showcase, demonstrating a simulated family relationship mediation, where a young person is at risk of homelessness due to a breakdown in the relationship with her mum.

Our CEO & Founder, Dr Mike Talbot, talks you through the seven-stage mediation process and how it can be applied to this important area, allowing you see how mediation works in action.

Firstly you’ll see the origins of the conflict and then have the opportunity to watch an accelerated mediation, starting with the individual sessions, and then the joint session.

Mike plays the role of the mediator, pausing the action to point out techniques and points of interest. The 50-minute video ends with a Q&A, answering questions that come in from the audience.

If you can’t view the YouTube video above for any reason, you can download the video to your computer.