Mediation Advent Calendar – 8th to 14th December

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This December, we’ve been counting down the days until Christmas with our own unique take on the traditional Advent Calendar.

Every day, we’ve been posting the developments of a classic workplace dispute on our social media channels so that you can follow every single step, from initial fall-out to resolution, including the full mediation process.

Set in the accounting department of an unnamed organisation, follow Heather and Siobhan’s as they begin to repair their working relationship!

Here’s the recap for December’s second week of conflict…

(8/25) James has heard about mediation as a means of dispute resolution and, after doing a bit of research, he comes across UK Mediation.

After ringing them for advice, a very helpful case manager talks him through the entire process.


(9/25) James fills in the Referral Form sent to him, providing details on the disputants, the background, and his relationship with them.

He also provides contact details, so that any agreements or follow ups can be sent to the participants.


(10/25) James liaises with both Heather and Siobhan to arrange a time and date for the mediation.

To prevent any bias, he lets them decide who will have their individual session first…

They decide that Heather will meet the mediator at 9:30am.


(11/25) On the morning of the mediation, the mediator meets Heather in a neutral location, away from the stresses of her usual working environment.

He introduces himself to put her at ease, as well as laying out the structure of the day’s mediation.


(12/25) Before they get into any discussion, Mike asks Heather to read and sign the ‘Liability and Confidentiality Agreement’.

This states that mediation is an entirely voluntary and confidential process, and not legally-binding in any way.


(13/25) Heather is then encouraged to share her side of the story, including her thoughts, opinions, and feelings about the dispute.

The mediator listens to her carefully, gaining a better understanding of the issues that need to be addressed.


(14/25) Once Heather’s meeting has finished, the mediator then repeats the process with Siobhan.

And, at the end of their respective sessions, he asks the participants if they want to proceed with a joint meeting…

Both of them say yes…

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