UK Mediation Hosts London Showcases

Scott McIver Articles, Media & Events

Last Friday, we continued our run of mediation showcases in 2018 with two more events in London.

Held at etc. Venues Fenchurch Place, the morning and afternoon sessions were designed to give attendees the opportunity to see mediation in action, as well as the benefits that it can have for workplace disputes.

Led by Dr Mike Talbot, the event featured a simulated workplace mediation case from start to finish, as well as a short presentation on the principles and steps of our 7-stage Mediation Model. There was also chance for an informal Q&A session at the end, allowing us to answer any queries or questions that they had about mediation.

It was also great to have the opportunity to speak to potential new clients after the event, allowing them to pick our brains over hot drinks and pastries, whilst also personally introducing ourselves here at UK Mediation.

Dr Talbot was pleased with another good turnout for the events:

We’re always really pleased to see how much attendees enjoy seeing mediation up close and personal, including the ways in which it can benefit their workplace. It was also great to see a wide variety of sectors present, from emergency services and healthcare, to education and HR. We were able to show how mediation has applications in many different areas, and we look forward to doing more work with them in the future.”

If you missed us this time around, we have two more dates coming up later in the year:

Birmingham (Morning Session) – 30th November
Birmingham (Afternoon Session) – 30th November

We hope to see you there!

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