Training to be a Mediator: What Does Accreditation Actually Mean?

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With mediation now a widely-used and highly-effective method of resolving disputes and conflict, more and more people are looking to take advantage and train as professional mediators. Whether it be on behalf of their organisation, or to set themselves up as freelance practitioners, it’s clear to see that there is, in turn, a growing demand for mediation training providers.

However, with so many training providers now populating the field, it can be a source of great confusion for prospective learners. Many boast membership of particular professional bodies, or claim unique benefits of their courses, that sets them apart from the rest. And, if you aren’t clued up on all of the accrediting bodies and mediation councils out there, it can make for a very difficult decision as to who to choose.

Of course, choosing the right training provider is a must. Whilst mediators do come from all sorts of different backgrounds, and may specialise in different areas, they all share the need to offer a clear assurance of quality and integrity in their practice.

With a lot riding on the success of mediation, customers and commissioners need to know that you are properly trained and supported. After all, if the hypothetical future of a business is at risk during a dispute between two directors, they will certainly want to be confident in your abilities before using your services!

Fortunately, UK Mediation provides a system of accreditation for all of the mediators we train, both organisational and freelance, that offers these exact assurances.

Externally-accredited by AIM Awards, a national awarding organisation, you can be assured that your qualification has been developed with a recognised awarding body, and holds authority and credibility to go along with it.

On top of this, our Accredited Mediator award sits on Ofqual’sRegister of Regulated Qualifications’, where it is recognised as a Level 4 qualification. Because of this, it is regarded as a similar complexity level to that of the first year of an undergraduate degree. What’s more, we are proud to say that we are the only UK-based provider to be able to offer this level of mediation training.

As a result, gaining Accredited Mediator status with UK Mediation means that:

• You have trained to the highest level on an externally-accredited training course, for a minimum of 40 hours on our Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate (IMPC)
• You are working to a recognised set of standards, our own Code of Practice
• You have suitable and appropriate indemnity insurance
• You are undertaking case supervision
• You take part in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to maintain and further improve your skills

People using your service need to know that your work demonstrates the highest possible standards of quality and integrity. As you can see, gaining accreditation with us tells them exactly that.

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