UK Mediation ISO-certified for a sixth year

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We’re proud to announce that for the sixth year running, UK Mediation has gained the ISO 9001 Quality Management certification.

We strive to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service, and this is made possible by our quality management system. This involves every aspect of the organisation, in both our mediation services and training divisions, and reflects our commitment to quality. UK Mediation is the only ISO-certified mediation services and training provider in the UK.

We are assessed every 12 months by the British Assessment Bureau to ensure that we are adhering to their standards and continuously looking to improve what we do. It’s a rigorous process that cross-examines how we manage all aspects of the business, including:

  • Leadership
  • Staff development
  • Customer communication
  • Design of our training courses
  • Feedback and evaluation
  • Accounts

Customers often tell us that knowing we have ISO 9001 certification gives them confidence to work with us and shows that we value quality as an organisation. Our evaluation process reflects this.

Following every mediation case and training course, participants are asked to evaluate core aspects of our service. We believe the results speak for themselves. As you can see from our fourth quarter public course evaluation summary, 100% of learners are either ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their experience of UK Mediation.

This quality-first approach is also reflected in the testimonials we receive every month from satisfied customers. See our testimonials page for a selection of these.

We remain firmly committed to quality and see it as a vital aspect in our work. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our ISO certification or if there’s anything we can help with.