How Mediation Works – Webinar

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‘How Mediation Works’ really lifts the lid on mediation.

Based on the pioneering work of our founder and CEO, Dr. Mike Talbot, we’ll be looking at the anatomy and psychology of conflict: how we get into disputes, how we get stuck there, and what we need from an impartial third party in order to resolve a range of conflicts.

Dr Talbot will be presenting the webinar, drawing on his own experience and research into conflict:

“We struggle to negotiate our way through conflict because we’re so angry, put out, hurt, or impatient that we find it hard not to let emotion get in the way of reason. Communication breaks down, and we get so wrapped up in an interpersonal struggle that we can scarcely remember how the argument got started in the first place. My approach is to understand these conflict processes in great detail, so that we can start to resolve all sorts of disputes much more effectively.

I’m looking forward to revisiting this topic for this webinar. I think it will be of interest to anyone currently working in the field of conflict resolution or considering training to become a mediator.”