Developing Your Mediation Skills Further

Dr Mike Talbot Dr Mike Talbot, Videos

We often get asked by qualified mediators about the options for developing their skills further, beyond the initial training. In this short video, UK Mediation’s CEO and founder, Mike Talbot, explains the four options we have for mediators looking for their next steps.

  1. Mediation Refresher Days
    This one-day course allows you to refresh your mediation skills, reflect on real-life cases, and hone your skills with case simulations.
  2. Commercial Conversion Course
    Building upon the skills you learned on the IMPC to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to start practising as a commercial mediator and gain the Commercial Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate.
  3. Advanced Mediation Skills
    This course allows you to take a step back from your mediation practice, boost your skills and understanding, and learn from a master mediator, our CEO and Founder, Dr Mike Talbot.
  4. Professional Practitioner in Mediation
    Rather than being a taught course, PPM involves a self-directed process of independent learning. You complete five mediation cases over whatever period you choose; you build a portfolio of reflective learning around your five cases, using advice and guidance from us, and then you attend for a face-to-face assessment when your portfolio is complete.

And, if you’re still at the start of your journey into mediation, there’s no better place to start than with our Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate – become an accredited mediator with this intensive four-day course at a venue near you.