UHR 2017 Conference Talk: Building More Collaborative Teams

James Watson Dr Mike Talbot, Videos

UK Mediation’s founder and CEO, Dr Mike Talbot, delivers his UHR 2017 conference talk on ‘Building more collaborative teams: a psychological approach’.

Teams, groups, schools, and faculties within universities are made up of diverse groups of individuals with the widest range of needs, objectives, and expectations. Some people are natural collaborators, others less so. Tensions can arise and opportunities can be missed when competing needs and objectives tip over into poorly managed conflict.

Skillful and timely support from management and HR are essential to ensure that staff feel heard, stay engaged, and are ultimately retained.

This session takes a psychological perspective in considering what team conflict is really about, what leads people to get into dispute with others, and what can be done by management and HR to minimise destructive tension and to build collaboration within all sorts of teams. By drilling down into the psychology of conflict, the session looks at the anatomy of a dispute, and of people’s disputing behaviour, as a means to identifying the kinds of HR and management interventions that will really work in bringing about resolution.

Learning outcomes

  • To gain a better understanding of the anatomy of team and group conflict from a psychological perspective
  • To understand how and why certain interventions and approaches will work, and some may not
  • To take away a set of practical tips on what to do at a pre-formal level in order to address conflict within teams and groups

The 2017 Conference took place in Newcastle and with an exciting line up of plenary speakers, workshops, legal sessions, evening social activities as well as a fantastic Gala Dinner and the UHR Awards. With over 35 exhibitors and sponsors from across the sector on hand to offer useful advice and services throughout the event, and afterwards, there was lots of information and knowledge shared. Find out more about UHR.