UK Mediation Awareness Week 2016

Dr Mike Talbot Articles

At UK Mediation we like to shout about the benefits of mediation! When we first heard about UK Mediation Awareness Week 2016, we thought this is a fantastic way for the wider mediation community to celebrate its great efforts, and at the same time to raise people’s awareness about what mediation really is.

UK Mediation Awareness Week runs from Saturday 8th October to Friday 14th October 2016. Events during UK Mediation Awareness Week will increase awareness of the practical and financial benefits of mediation across all sectors of business and private life.

As pioneers in the use of mediation in the UK, UK Mediation really welcome initiatives like this. Our Managing Director Mike Talbot commented today:

‘We have been working hard for seventeen years now to get mediation at the front of people’s minds, ready to use any time they have a dispute. There is still a long way to go in helping people realise the great benefits of mediation for businesses, neighbours, families and communities. UK Mediation Awareness Week is a great way to help achieve this, and we welcome such a great initiative’.

You can find out more about UK Mediation Awareness Week 2016 here.